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Solid Perfume Sticks Designed for Fragrance on the Go

Packing perfume is a risky proposition because of possible leaking or breaking in baggage, as seasoned
travelers know. A new collection of solid fragrance sticks by Pasteline [ pronounced "pastel-ene"] is
compact and leak-proof for easy travel in a purse, pocket, or bag. Whether on an extended
summer trip or daily errands, women now can enjoy a lift of subtle fragrance on the sly.

The most costly cosmetic in your bag might be your perfume, though its fragile bottle probably
wasn't designed to leave your vanity. TSA air-travel restrictions add another element of risk
since liquid items above three ounces in carry-on bags could be confiscated. Pasteline has
created solid perfume sticks in twist-up tubes for convenient travel and on-the-go
application. Founder and creator, Melissa Smith, explains what inspired the
product: "I love to wear perfume, but often forget to apply it until out the
door. Rollerball perfumes couldn't be trusted not to leak in my purse.
Something as convenient as a lip balm seemed ideal." This idea led
to the creation of solid sticks—made with 100% natural plant
emollients and Pasteline's aromatic blends—in aluminum,
lip balm-like tubes. Unlike solid perfume in a pot or
compact, the stick is applied directly to the skin
with no mess under the nails. And you can
sneak on a touch without the
telltale sound of a spritz.

The company describes the aromas as inspired by moments of happiness,
recalling fragrant memories stored in our personal olfactory banks.
"These fragrances are so pretty, one or two might become your
new signature scent," according to Smith. The fragrance types
range from floral to fruity to sweet gourmand. The Pasteline
collection comes in six fragrances: San Clemente Sun,
Heart of Amber, Rhapsody in Bloom, Sun Ripe,
Kyoto Spring, and Spun Sugar. Each retails
for $16 and is available to purchase at


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