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Gift from Japan
By Melissa

Dad and Mom, third and fourth from far right, on a sightseeing tour, 1961

I've always admired Japanese sense of aesthetic, especially seen in
tea gardens having a feeling of order and serenity with nature.
An old photo (above) from my parents' visit to Tokyo
initiated my dream to board a plane to the Orient.
Years later, I'd have that chance.

Gorgeous cherry blossom trees (Credit: Daniel Taylor, my cute nephew)

I flew into the beautiful city of Kyoto ("key-o-toe"). Its architecture
is an intriguing mix of old and modern, and lush canopies of trees
line the streets. Each spring, locals come out to celebrate the
cherry blossom trees blooming like pink popcorn. The
Japanese prize this flower for its stunning beauty
and fragrance scent—both breathtaking
when in abundance.

Kyoto Spring Solid Perfume

Springtime gives me a mood lift as flowers bloom and the air turns fragrant.
Japanese cherry blossoms may be the ultimate celebration of Spring.
Kyoto Spring Solid Perfume captures their delicious essence. The
fragrance is mingled with notes of freesia, violet, and water
lily for a clean floral aroma, accentuated with earthy base
notes of velvet wood, musk, and tonka bean. Though
cherry blossoms bloom only a couple weeks each
year, Kyoto Spring is a wonderful fragrance
to wear year-round.


Pasteline Perfume: Mother's Day TV Spots

What's more fun than buying Pasteline for yourself? Giving
it to someone you love. Just in time for Mother's Day
shopping, Pasteline made the rounds at CBS-
KUTV in Salt Lake City, appearing on
"Fresh Living" talk show and
"2 News This Morning".
Here's one of
the clips: Features Pasteline Perfume

A fun interview with the beauty and fashion editor
of Salt Lake Magazine. Click here to read.


Pasteline Perfume: Changing The Way You Wear Fragrance

The hosts of "The Daily Dish" on ABC 4 Utah quizzed Melissa about
what inspired Pasteline and how to apply the perfume. They
also revealed their true opinions on the fragrances.
Watch as the station's meteorologist gets
pulled into the sniff-fest!

San Clemente Sun Solid Perfume Inspiration

Sunset view above the pier, San Clemente, CA

As far back as my memory goes, the highlight of my year has been an
annual trip to the beach. But not just any beach, mind you. The
location must be San Clemente, because it’s a cherished
family tradition. Picture the laid-back style of a
small Southern California surf town, perched
above a rustic wooden pier and a strip of
sand as smooth as brown sugar. (The
sand isn't quite that smooth. That’s
just how I remember it from
early years.)

San Clemente Sun Solid Perfume Inspiration

Me, seven years old, building sand creations

If it were possible to bottle the warm feeling of the summer sun,
sand, and waves, San Clemente Sun Solid Perfume would be
the essence. Even in the dead of winter, a few dabs
brings me back to my beach towel.

San Clemente Sun Solid Perfume Inspiration

View off the pier of surfers catching their last waves

Where is your favorite beach? What do you love most about it?




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