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Our Story

Pasteline Perfume combines both familiar and exotic olfactory notes into subtle
fine fragrances, reminding you of the small moments when you feel most
alive. Each is blended into a natural emollient stick that comes in a
sleek, lip balm-like tube for easy application on the go,
with a collectable box telling a fanciful story. Go
ahead, dab on a touch and be drawn into a
world of imagination and possibilities.
♦ Vegan—no animal ingredients, byproducts or testing
♦ Phthalate-free perfume and essential oils
♦ Alcohol-free and paraben-free
♦ Air-travel friendly

The Brand
The name Pasteline (pronounced “pastil-ene”) and its light, subtle
fragrances were inspired by soft, creamy pastel colors, while its
wax-based perfume stick is reminiscent of an artist’s oil pastel.

The Brand


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